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EFAA stands to represent the interests of national football agent associations in an international capacity.

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What is EFAA?

The European Football Agents Association (“EFAA”) is a non-profit organization with a membership base consisting of national agent associations in Europe and affiliate associations worldwide. Given this global network, EFAA is comprised of over 1,000 professionally-organized players’ agents.

Our history

Our aims

EFAA has emerged as the leading body to represent the interests of football agents in the professional football industry. This role is further accentuated by our primary objectives:

  • Defend the collective interests of agents;
  • Bring together existing agent associations or assist in creating new ones;
  • Bolster members’ positioning in front of professional football stakeholders;
  • Promote the commercial image of football agents; and
  • Foster cooperation with professional football stakeholders.

Our approach

As a professional representative body, EFAA operates on express mandates from its members. This ensures a democratic governance structure that accounts directly to EFAA’s constituents, who are ultimately the agents themselves. For the first time in the EU, EFAA has emerged as a guardian of the agents’ profession and gives agents a voice in the regulation, development and image of their own profession. Our primary tasks are to:


Coordinate the registration and accreditation of football agents across jurisdictions in the EU, and facilitate compliance with regulations


Provide expert legal and practical assistance to national agent associations on EU and national legislation, especially in contract and employment law


Facilitate amicable dispute resolution between agents and football stakeholders


Improve the positioning of EFAA members amongst key football governing bodies via critical enagement and discussion on all issues relevant to the agency profession


Grow EFAA's membership base so as to reflect the global nature of the agency profession, and more so, the sport itself


Exchange best practices amongst members so as to stimulate greater harmonization within the profession

The way we see football

Our expertise

EFAA’s wide membership base of national associations across the world means that, as a member, your association will benefit from a collective voice in the governance of industry-level decisions. EFAA equips its members with the power to self-regulate their own profession, thereby safeguarding their interests. EFAA is the culmination of years of rigorous legal and practical expertise involving active industry knowledge and academic research. This knowledge is enhanced through the cross-border exchange of good practices.

Our governance structure

EFAA’s Board is comprised of reputable football agents, lawyers and corporate leaders; with years of experience in the football industry, they collectively offer an unparalleled insight and keen awareness of the nature of the football agency profession. Their interdisciplinary expertise and deep knowledge of the transfer market ensures that they are equipped to act in a manner reflecting the best interests of football agents not only in Europe, but worldwide. This has culminated into the Board helping to enhance the relationships EFAA holds with other football stakeholders, and indirectly, the image of the football agent in the football sector at large.

Meet our Board

Representing seven different countries, the international character of the EFAA Board further exemplifies the value EFAA puts in bridging different perspectives of the football agent profession together so as to develop a unified position before sports governing bodies.

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EFAA engages in a thorough assessment before entering into any form of partnership. EFAA looks for a party that is genuinely able to assist EFAA in establishing one or more of its objectives, while in return offering tailored benefits to its partners.

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