At the individual level, the football agent's success centers on his or her relationships with others. EFAA knows the importance of fostering strong partnerships.

Making football a better sport

Partnerships are critical to EFAA's sustainability and growth as an organization, but equally crucial is the character and role its partners hold within professional football. Consequently, EFAA scrutinizes all potential partners so as to ensure the integrity and professionalism of the respective company, coupled with the benefits such a relation may bring to EFAA and its members. Furthermore, the partner needs to have a proven track record in professional football and, last but not least, be a global player: offer global solutions on all levels, including the local one. This is, of course, not a one-sided process, as EFAA also examines what business opportunities a connection to EFAA and its members may bring the other party. In light of this, EFAA is happy to present its partners: HDI Global, Van der Ent Group, and Remiqz.

HDI Global SE

As an industrial insurer, HDI Global SE (HDI) meets the needs of SMEs, industrial companies and corporate customers with insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to their requirements. In addition to HDI’s prominent position in the German and broader European market, the company also has operations in more than 130 countries through foreign branch offices, subsidiary and peer companies, and network partners. The company is thus able to offer its customers local policies for their global operations, which ensures that the established service and insurance protection is extended for all covered risks worldwide. HDI is committed to assist in the organization of the series of events whereby EFAA intends to communicate best practices in relation to a cross-border introduction of a quality certificate. One of the requirements for such a quality certificate is a compulsory professional liability insurance. We are happy to introduce HDI to you.

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Van der Ent Group

Since 1922, Van der Ent Group has been one of the leading moving and relocation companies in the Netherlands. Moving can be a stressful project, and it’s Van der Ent Group’s goal to make sure that their customers can go through the whole procedure in a professional way and as smoothly as possible. One key factor they have recognized is that football players are mostly not around for the moving process during the transfer window, and the spouses are faced with the door-to-door removal. From here, Van der Ent Group intends to step in via guiding customers through a seamless move with top mobility solutions. Van der Ent Group has an impressive reference list of hundreds of players and coaches, such as Dennis Bergkamp, Guus Hiddink, Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, Frank de Boer, and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. Van der Ent Group is also a member of the worldwide moving organizations FIDI, IAM, Harmony and Topmovers. This enables the company to have approximately 2,000 reliable and certified agents worldwide, making Van der Ent Group a one-stop shop.

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While football is beloved for the unpredictable nature of the sport, there is a lot to say about the role empirical data and analytics play in every aspect of the game, from scouting and recruitment, to tracing performance patterns and offering objective evaluation criteria. Remiqz, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specializes in football analytics and intelligence with the central aim of allowing parties, such as clubs and players, within the industry to make decisions which lead to enhanced performance levels. They work with football clubs like Ajax, FC Utrecht and PEC Zwolle, in addition to being the partner of mleading football agencies, inlcudiing Wasserman & Muy Manero (The Netherlands), Mondial Promotion (France), Stellar (Germany) and Mikkel Beck (Denmark). Over the past year, Remiqz has developed multiple analytics tools that help clubs and agents translate vast datasets into valuable insights.

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